Welcome to Four Season Greens - Sprouts and Micro-Greens in Muskoka


"I love being able to get fresh locally-grown produce—and sprouts are available year-round! Sprouts dress up a plate, taste great and help keep us healthy."
Anne - Huntsville

"I have been consuming sprouts for 8 months so I have had a reasonable time period to evaluate the results which I will pass on to you below.

Diet; I eat a balanced combination of grains, fruit, vegetables and protein. The food intake consist of three meals a day with little or no snacks (weekends excepted see snack food below) main meal of the day is quite often at midday to accommodate my fitness schedule.

Sprout frequency: The spouts are consumed in salads, sandwich wraps, omelets, smoothies and stand alone with any meal. They are not a replacement for what might be called regular food like meat and potatoes but are considered an addition to the regular diet.

Meal mix; Breakfast rarely has sprouts in it accept on weekends when we add them to an omelet. Lunch is usually regular fare with a sprout side. Dinner is usually sprout dominated by a smoothie (see recipe) accompanied by sides of such things as a meat/vegetable wraps, crackers and cheese, raw vegetables or perhaps a grain bread and meat spread all mixed to add variety.

What spouts: I have determined that the broccoli, alfalfa and clover are the strongest for me. Many others are acceptable and each adds its own flavour. You will need to experiment to determine the best mx for you.

The most obvious benefit is energy. I notice the difference when I go for exercise and I have had a cooked meal verses a sprout meal. A metered activity like the rowing machine can be used as an indicator of your ability to perform.

Blood pressure. I have had slightly elevated blood pressure for most of my life. In the last 8 months my blood pressure has dropped 10 points. I have never taken prescription chemicals for this condition because my 24 hr pressure is in the normal range so I have no other change in my life routine to cause this change.
Acid reflux. This condition is compliments of too many years of high pressure business. It is now simple for me to ease the discomfort of this malady by taking some sprouts after eating spicy or fatty food. No chemical solution required.

Skin condition. I have a skin condition common to my family and many fair skinned people. I have been treated for pre-melanoma including grafting a large section. Since starting on the sprouts I have noticed a marked improvement in my general skin health. I do not need to apply moisturizing cream and the skin is not aggravated by such things as shampoo which previously always left me with rough and sore patches.

Hair darkening. I have seen my hair darken over the last 8 months. It has gone from light gray to dark gray reverting to a colour I have not seen in 30 years. This is of no particular interest but says that there is a change in my inner system that may be working on other parts of the body to change/improve them."
Brian - Muskoka

"Four Season Greens has a wonderful impact on our family. After attending a very interesting "Sprouts" workshop, I shared my enthusiasm with my husband. He listened and continued reading the paper. Quietly, I included sprouts in the morning smoothies and lunch sandwiches. One day when I was off grocery shopping I returned home to find my lunch... including sprouts, on the kitchen counter! When friends arrive for dinner sprouts are often served, and the grandkids always ask if they can get a sprout snack from the fridge. Yes, sprouts are now a regular part of our life. Each Wednesday the sprouts are delivered to the Dorset Recreation Centre. What a fantastic service! Many thanks."
Jan and Chuck - Muskoka

"We love receiving our weekly sprouts. They add flavour and nutrition to our sandwiches and salads. They are the perfect snack, too!"
Kailey - Port Sydney

"Thank you for your ONGOING support and professionalism. What you are doing for us and for the community is really quite wonderful."
LG - Huntsville

"We are enjoying our sprouts a lot. Thanks very much. It feels good to eat healthy and home grown!"
Lisa - Huntsville

"Wanting to keep raising the bar on our family’s health, I decided to host a "Sprout Workshop" in my home. Steve and Sharon brought all their wonderful goodies and I brought the health-minded people. Since then I joined their CSA sprout program and every day we enjoy some of our favorite sprouts in omelets, in salads, in rice wraps, sandwiches, as a side and by the handful."
Shannon - Muskoka

"Thank you so much for enriching our lives with sprouts!"
Tami - Muskoka