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FSG Aquaponics - Our Story

The Story of Four Season Aquaponics

The following chronicles our aquaponics journey, with all its trials and errors. Just in case you thought we only do sprouts and micro-greens. If only it were that simple…

“What do you grow in Muskoka, rocks?” a tourist inquired. It was time to add our voice to the few who were challenging Muskoka’s naïve reliance on the precarious food supply chain coming up from the South.

“Aquaponics” he said, pausing in his bedtime reading. “That’s the best way to go. Listen to this…” and Steve began rhyming off the very attractive stats:
“It only requires 2% of the water, 5-10% of the electricity and 1/10th of the space of traditional farming methods.” He had caught my ear, I had to admit. “And you can do it all year round in a greenhouse, too!”

Great. I could see where this was headed. Here we go again, as if Steve needed any more rabbit trails.
As his thoughts progressed on the subject of aquaponics, our (smaller) family garden—which I lovingly tended—became “Sharon’s garden”, and the increasingly frequent references to a (larger) greenhouse construction, which would house an aquaponics system, became “Steve’s”.