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Sprouts & Greens CSA Program

Available in Muskoka by subscription only.  To learn more read below.

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a system of local food production and distribution which directly connects the farmer and the consumer. When you buy your greens from a local producer you are 1) supporting the local economy, 2) supporting local farmers so they can continue to grow great food, 3) lowering your carbon footprint, 4) getting the freshest, healthiest food possible, and 5) voting for local food production. Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Why Join?

Our Sprout & Greens CSA Program makes it easy for you to get good nutrition, especially in the winter. We delivery weekly to a depot near you.

Joining our delivery program guarantees you a regular supply of the freshest, most nutritious greens possible, year-round.

Subscriber Login Subscribe Now

1) There is a one-time $10 registration fee when you sign up
2) Subscriptions are for a minimum of one month. paid in advance.
3) With your first order you receive an attractive insulated bag to transport your sprouts in
4) Sprouts are delivered weekly to depots throughout Muskoka. See all depot locations here
5) Enjoy!

Going on holiday?  No problem.  You can suspend, change or cancel your order at any time (7 days notice please)

You choose what you want and how much you want, OR let us surprise you each week!**.

**Minimum order is 2 items. A typical 2 item order is one package of sprouts and one package of microgreens.  4 items: 2 microgreens (pea and sunflower) and 2 sprouts (assorted)


Click here to view all sprouts and greens available for order and their nutritional information as well.

Note: *Wheatgrass: Is by request only. (A wheatgrass juicer required. Purchase our hand juicer online.)

Prices start at:
Sprouts: $3.75/pkg
Microgreens $4.40 - $4.75/pkg
Mixed Lettuces: $5.75/pkg 150g
Minimum order: 2 items per week

Order more and save!

Therapeutic quantity discounts are available. Ask us for details.

First, pay your 1-time $10 registration fee online. Second, after registering, you will be prompted to Login with your new username and password. From there you will place your weekly order.

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Prefer to pay by e-transfer or cheque? Please use the Contact Us form and tell us what you would like, or give us a call 705.405.0449.