Welcome to Four Season Greens - Sprouts and Micro-Greens in Muskoka

About Four Season Greens

Four Season Greens is a producer of sprouts and micro-greens in Muskoka, operating since December 2010. We supply most of the restaurants in Muskoka, specialty retail outlets, resorts and caterers with fresh produce year-round. Individuals also purchase our products through our sprout subscription program ("CSA") where we deliver weekly to 16 or more depots throughout Muskoka. We also do sprouting and nutrition workshops, and sell sprouting kits, seeds, supplies and resources through our on-line store.

New in 2016 is Four Season Aquaponics, which integrates fish culture with horticulture in our four-season greenhouse. We are currently producing a variety of lettuces and some herbs in this system, utilizing several sustainable methods of heat and water conservation.

Growing at Four Season GreensWe are passionate about:

  1. Fresh, local food: making it available and accessible year-round, for everyone.
  2. Healthy eating: raising the bar on good-for-you food choices among all generations, to improve quality and quantity of life.
  3. Local food security: improving food security in Muskoka by producing food year-round.

Four Season Greens is a member of the following organizations:

  • Port Sydney-Utterson Chamber of Commerce
  • Savour Muskoka
  • Sprouts Canada

Food Safety is a concern in any food industry. We are working towards 3rd party food safety certification. We are regularly inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Our sprouts and micro-greens are produced using only certified organic sprouting seed, and all our inputs are chemical-free.