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What are some helpful resources?

According to many sources, the ideal diet is plant-based: lots of sprouted foods, lots of juiced foods, lots of smoothies, salads, etc., but only some cooked food.

For further information we recommend the following:

Balch, Phyllis, CNC: Prescription for Nutritional Healing
* Boutenko, Victoria: 12 Steps to Raw Foods
*Davis, William:  Wheat Belly Fallon, Sally: Nourishing Traditions
Howell, Dr. Edward: Enzyme Nutrition
* Mars, Bridgitte: Rawsome!
* Meyerowitz, Steve: Sprouts: The Miracle Food
* Sproutman's Kitchen Garden
* Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine
* Phyo, Ani: Ani's Raw Food Kitchen
Pollan, Michael: In Defense of Food
Rubin, Dr. Jordan The Maker's Diet
Walker, Dr. Norman: Fresh Begetables and Fruit Juices
* Wigmore, Ann The Sprouting Book
* Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Book

Books marked with an asterisk (*) are regularly stocked in our online store.  All others may be ordered by special request.