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How do you sprout?

How to Grow Sprouts

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(Basket Method)

Sprouting requires approx. 2 minutes per day, mostly rinsing in the morning (breakfast) and evening (dinner), 12 hours apart.  A third rinse, particularly in hot weather, is ideal.

For each batch (basket):

I  Soaking phase (Day 1):

Fill a 500 ml jar ½ full of (cold) water.

Add 7-8 drops of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (35% solution).

Add 3 Tbsp seed.  Place cheesecloth or lid in place on jar.

Let soak* (see below for soaking times for seeds):

ll  Jar Rinsing Phase (Days 2-3):

This happens minimally in 12 hour cycles;  breakfast and dinnertime works best.

Rinsing less than that will result in seed drying out.

Rinsing 3 x per day is ideal.

Drain off water, turn jar on 45 degree angle to continue draining. 

(Place in dish draining board. Be careful not to let the seed block the mouth of the jar too much;  sprouts need ventilation.)

Let drain for 12 hours.

Fill jar with cold water.

Repeat for the next 48 hours.

lll  Basket Rinsing Phase (Days 4-7):

No special lighting is required until day 6.  Place basket on counter or in cupboard.

Fill jar with water.

Shake gently to loosen any seeds stuck to the screen.

Remove screen (or cheesecloth).

Place basket in the sink.

Empty jar into basket.

Four Season Greens:  How to Grow Sprouts (Basket Method), p.2

To evenly spread seed around: 

(without handling them, which can damage them, causing them to rot)

- Use the “panning for gold” technique:

- Fill a bowl (slightly bigger than basket) with water.

- Immerse basket.  Seed will float.

- Gently even the seed out with your hand.

a)  Day 4:  Dome on:

Lift basket out of the water.  Place in plastic drip tray.  Cover with dome.  

Continue to rinse every 12 hours (minimum), replacing dome each time.

b)  Day 5:  Dome ½ on:

Continue to rinse every 12 hours (minimum).

c)  Day 6 & 7:  No dome:

Continue to rinse every 12 hours (minimum).

Place basket near window (no direct sunlight), or under grow-lights.

Rinse upside-down to remove hulls.

(For continuous supply of sprouts, begin soaking next batch of seed on day 5.)

lV   Harvesting:

Gently grab a clump of sprouts, wiggle and pull out.  

Place sprouts in a colander, bowl, or vegetable bag in fridge.  

Sprouts will keep for a week.

To clean basket:  Pull out most of the sprout bits.  Let dry upside-down (1/2 day).  Using dry brush, gently brush off dry sprout bits.  Place in dishwasher or hand wash.  (Plastic dome and tray must be hand washed.)

*Seed soaking times (there are exceptions; consult a book on sprouting for more info):

3-5 hours for:

- small seeds (alfalfa, radish, garlic chives, broccoli, clover, fenugreek)

10-12 hours for: 

- Larger seeds (buckwheat, sunflower), 

- Legumes (peas, green Lentils, mung beans, chick peas)

- (Grains, such as wheat, barley, spelt, oats, kamut, etc., also need soaking for 12 hours, but they are not to be grown in baskets.)