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How nutritious are sprouts and micro-greens?

A sprout is nature's vitamin pill.  In fact sprouts are so nutritionally dense that next to sea vegetables they are the best source of minerals and trace minerals (S. Meyerowitz, Sprouts: Nature's Finest Medicine, p. 97).  As for micro-greens, they are the most nourishing food on land (B. Clement, PhD, Director, Hippocrates Health Institute).  One of the key benefits of sprouts and micro-greens is that they are full of enzymes which help pre-digest our food.

As an illustration, if a seed is given 500 units of nutrition, in 5-10 days' time that will increase to 5,000-10,000 units.  At the first leaf stage it is at its peak of nutrition.  After that, energy is directed into making the fruit or seed, by which point there are only about 1,000 unit of nutrition left in any part of the plant.