Welcome to Four Season Greens - Sprouts and Micro-Greens in Muskoka

What are sprouts and micro-greens?

A sprout is a seed that has germinated and grown for generally 4-7 days.  It is grown with water only, as the seed contains all the nutrients it needs to grow the infant plant to that age.  After that it needs to absorb nutrients from its environment.  Sprouts are very delicate at this stage, and cannot withstand extreme temperatures.  They are generally eaten raw, root and shoot.  If exposed to light (even ambient light) they will green up.  Almost any nut, seed, grain or legume can be sprouted, and become much more nutritious when sprouted, plus more digestable. 

A micro-green is essentially a sprout that is harvested typically between 10 and 20 days, when 2-6" tall, depending on the variety.  It is generally grown in soil or some other planting medium.  Micro-greens are also known as "baby" greens, the early growth of a plant, and are more nutritious plus more delicately-flavoured than the full-grown plant.  Micro-greens are quite decorative, ranging in colour from dark green to yellow to fluorescent pink to bright purple-red.  Chefs love them for garnishes, and they make a lovely salad.  The most common varieties include pea shoots, sunflower greens buckwheat lettuce and ruby daikon radish.